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Rotary Vane Air Compressor

Rotary Vane Air Compressor

A rotary vane air compressor is a type of positive displacement compressor used to generate compressed air. It consists of a cylindrical casing or housing with an eccentrically mounted rotor inside. The rotor has several vanes that slide in and out of radial slots as it rotates.

When the rotor spins, the centrifugal force pushes the vanes against the inner surface of the housing, creating compression chambers. As the vanes move outward, the chamber volume increases, drawing in air from the intake port. As the vanes move inward, the chamber volume decreases, compressing the air and forcing it out through the outlet port.

The design of rotary vane compressors allows for continuous compression, providing a steady supply of compressed air. They are known for their high efficiency, compact size, and relatively low noise levels compared to other types of compressors.

The Rotary Vane Principle

The rotor, has a number of slots machined along its length into which fit sliding vanes that ride on a film of oil. The rotor rotates within a cylindrical stator. During rotation, centrifugal force extends the vanes from their slots, forming individual compression cells. Rotation decreases the cell volume, increasing the air pressure. 

The heat generated by compression is controlled by pressurised oil injection. The only continually moving part is the rotor, which is directly driven at very low speed (1450rpm), offering unrivalled reliability. The main benefit of this technology means that vane compressors last for a very long time and are an extremely reliable & proven technology.

Rotary Vane Air Compressor

Rotary Vane Air Compressor


Simple Design with Few Moving Parts

Sturdy, compact construction, easy to access and maintain, easy replacement of parts, extremely reliable and durable.

Single-Stage Compression

The nature of the design produces sufficient compression in a single stage, resulting in a high compression ratio during a single cycle (about 10:1), as well as better energy efficiency, reduced risk of faults, and reduced maintenance requirements.

Direct Axial Coupling to the Motor

Direct coupling is possible because the high compression ratio permits low rotation speeds, eliminating the need for transmission or gears. Fewer parts means lower energy dissipation and simplified maintenance.

Low Rotation Speed

Lower speed reduces vibration, thus diminishing noise and wear, lowering the temperature and eliminating the need for cement foundations.

Low Cycle Temperature

Lower temperatures reduce wear, coolant consumption, and leakage caused by distension of parts. Less energy is needed for cooling, and the purity of delivered air is enhanced.

Low Maintenance

With fewer parts suffering little wear, single-stage rotary vane units offer cleaner and more reliable operation, significantly reducing maintenance needs.

Wide Range of Applications

Rotary Vane air compressors are designed for a wide variety of applications. These industries include automobiles, body shops, woodworking, dentistry, laundry, packaging and machine tools. The units are extremely quiet and easy to service, making the perfect fit for these industries. These air compressors are ideal for 100% duty cycle applications!

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