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China Compressed Air Dryer Manufacturer

Compressed Air Dryer Manufacturer

Naili is the world's leading specialist manufacturer of rotary vane compressors and high performance oil-injected two-stage compression and oil-free piston compressors!

We were founded in 1999; we have 723 people working in the Nelly Group (reported in January 2019); we have a factory plant of 50,700 m².

We bring you a better selection of rotary vane compressors, oil-free piston compressors and optional solutions for various industries and transportation ancillary equipment!

Working Principle

The industrial air dryer for compressors is based on the principle of freezing and dehumidification, which provides forced cooling of compressed air containing a large amount of saturated water vapor. While keeping the compressed air pressure basically unchanged, the temperature of the compressed air is reduced so that the large amount of water vapor in the compressed air is reduced.

It is in a supersaturated state. In the saturated state, water vapor condenses into liquid water droplets and entraps dust, which is separated from water and dust through a vapor separator and discharged through an automatic drain, thus achieving the purpose of freezing and dehumidifying.

China Compressed Air Dryer Manufacturer

Core Benefits

" Perfect heat exchange performance, saving cooling power consumption

Solant industrial air dryer for compressor, pre-cooling and evaporation system adopts aluminum plate fin heat exchanger design, the heat exchange performance is much larger than conventional shell and tube heat exchanger, the limit temperature difference between incoming and outgoing air can reach 2 ℃, reducing the required cooling capacity can better ensure the processing effect and reduce the energy consumption of refrigerated dryer.

" Large heat transfer area, small airflow gap

Aluminum plate and fin heat exchanger is composed of multiple corrugated fins and folded plates overlapping each other. The fin spacing is small, the number of layers is large, and the heat exchange area is large. The heat exchanger is compact, but the airflow gap between the fins is very small.

" Stainless steel wire mesh filter separation

Most of the water separators of aluminum plate and fin heat exchangers use stainless steel wire mesh filtration and separation, which has the advantages of simple structure and high separation of steam and water.

" High Efficiency Refrigeration Accessories

Danfoss thermal expansion and hot gas bypass valves allow for precise operation and durability of refrigeration systems. The expansion valve controls the injection of liquid refrigerant into the evaporator, protecting the compressor from liquid refrigerant.

" Complete control and protection devices

Condenser fan control via temperature and pressure sensing

Sensor failure alarm

Pressure dew point is an indication of too high or too low

Refrigerant high temperature protection stops the compressor if the discharge temperature is too high

Automatic start/stop for evaporator ice

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