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Refrigerated Air Dryer

Refrigerated Air Dryer

Refrigerated dryers use a cooling system to dry compressed air, thereby protecting downstream components from damage caused by traces of moisture in the air supply. Lowering the air temperature or dew point can cause excess moisture to condense. These dryers require a particulate filter or liquid separator to remove condensate from the air supply line. Refrigerated dryers require a power supply and are suitable for general purpose applications where the air is dried to a dew point sufficient to prevent condensation from freezing.

Refrigerated Air Dryer

How does a refrigerated air dryer work?

Refrigerated dryers are the most common dryers used in industry and consist of an air-to-air heat exchanger and an air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger. The heat exchanger removes moisture from the compressed air by condensing the water inside. This is essential to protect the compressed air system and each piece of equipment supplied with compressed air from the harmful effects of moisture.

The most important criterion is to keep the relative humidity of the compressed air below 50%.

Air-cooled and water-cooled refrigerated dryers are available. Basically, the dryer cools the warm, moist air from the compressor, and as the temperature of the compressed air drops, moisture condenses and is removed from the compressed air with the help of a high-efficiency water separator.

Afterwards, the compressed air is reheated to near room temperature so that condensation does not form on the outside of the ductwork. This heat exchange between the incoming and outgoing compressed air also reduces the temperature of the incoming compressed air and therefore the cooling capacity required for the refrigerant circuit.

Energy efficiency of refrigerated compressed air dryers

Energy efficiency depends on the internal pressure drop and the electrical energy consumed by the dryer.  

Keeping the pressure drop as low as possible

The internal pressure drop is the difference in pressure between the compressed air at the dryer inlet and outlet piping.

The lower the internal pressure drop of a refrigerated dryer, the lower the pressure you need to achieve with your air compressor. And the less energy the compressor consumes. 

Our refrigerated dryers are designed to minimize the pressure drop and therefore consume the least amount of energy.

Refrigerated Air Dryer

Energy efficient refrigeration system technology

Maximize energy savings from the first minute of operation

Variable speed drive refrigerated dryers 

Compressed air flow can fluctuate depending on the time of day, week or even month, and operating temperatures may vary.VSD technology allows for adaptation to fluctuations and energy savings with partial loads or changes in operating conditions.

Components designed to increase efficiency

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Advantages of Refrigerated Air Dryers

Low maintenance

Energy efficient

100% corrosion resistant

Low initial cost

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