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Welcome to visit NAILI Hydraulic Driven Rotary Vane Compressors

Hydraulic pump is widely and common to see at the outdoor machinary, 

and easy to driven the vane compressor to get more compressed Air for the pneumatic Tools in construction site or Mining area!

Not only limited by above applications, and AH series compressors are also widely used in Agriculture application, 

such as blowing trash from tank, and tyres infulation of tractors  

Caused by Vane compressors are More reliable and easier maintenance, long life!

Compressed Air in a most efficient way to get it quicker which is using Vane! 

To get your backup!

Also find it in -

Construction Machinery;


Rail train;

Garbage Trucks;


AH Hydraulic vane compressor of NAILI2_001.png

AH Hydraulic vane compressor of NAILI2_002.png

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