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When Rotary vane compressors installed in the Electrical Vehicles, you may find out it is running super quitely?

Caused by Vane compressors are More compact design and long life!

They are widely used in Electrical Buses, logistic Trucks, and other Electrical automotives! 

To efficiency choice of Compressed Air for your vehicle!

Also find it in -

BYD Buses(K9) and trucks;


Golden Dragon;


Other famous brands in the world;

NAILI compressed air system solution for Electric Bus2102_003.png

Matching slide machine introduction parameters and advantages.pdf

Industrial slide machine parameters.pdf

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Electric Vehicle Compressor

Compressed air is key to the safe and reliable operation of most commercial vehicle critical applications. However, hybrid and fully electric vehicles now require much higher levels of auxiliary systems compared to traditional diesel powertrains. There is also a new generation of vehicles using alternative fuels, such as hydrogen fuel cells, which can reduce energy consumption and emissions while meeting growing demand.

After several years of development, NAILI is now the number one supplier of stationary vehicles for electric cars, locomotives and minivans 

Comparing with previous designs or competitors. 

-It has smaller size/simplicity, lower speed and compact design to provide better solution for electric vehicles!

The sliding vane compressor has higher efficiency than other compressors in terms of displacement!

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