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Why more and more people chose to use Rotary Vane Compressor for the automation production in the factory?

Caused by Vane compressors are More reliable and easier maintenance, long life!

24Hours to have Air with most economic way which is using Vane! 

To get your backup!

Also find it in -

Wooden factories;

Metal fabrication;


Chemical plant;

Water treatment;

Basic working principle and design

In a rotary vane compressor, compression is achieved by centrifugal force causing the vanes to extend from the slots to form compression cells. As the cell moves around the rotor, the trapped air is compressed and discharged from the compression zone.

Thanks to their simple overall design, these compressors can provide up to 100,000+ operating hours. They are direct driven with a vibration-damping coupling system. This eliminates the need for speed-increasing gears and over-tensioned belts.

The simple construction and less service components reduce maintenance costs. Rotary vane compressors operate at conservatively low speeds, making them extremely reliable and extending the life of the machine.

Where are these compressors best suited?

The rotary vane is usually very quiet, making it an important consideration for point-of-use compressor applications. Even without a housing, low HP rotary vane compressors are very quiet compared to other options.

They are designed to meet the most stringent specifications and are ideal for 100% duty cycle applications. Rotary vane compressors are easy to install and maintain. They are designed for a variety of applications including automotive, hydraulic, body shops, packaging, machine tool and oem.

Features and Benefits

Simple design with few moving parts

Robust, compact, easy to access and maintain, easy to replace parts, extremely reliable and durable

Single-stage compression

The essence of the design is to generate sufficient compression in a single stage to produce a high compression ratio during a single cycle, as well as better energy efficiency, reduced risk of failure, and reduced maintenance requirements.

Direct axial coupling of motors

Direct couplings are possible because the high compression ratio allows for low speeds without the need for transmissions or gears. Fewer parts mean lower energy consumption and simplified maintenance.

Low rotational speeds

Low rotational speeds reduce vibration and thus noise and wear at lower temperatures, and eliminate the need for concrete foundations.

Low cycle temperatures

Lower temperatures reduce wear, coolant consumption, and leaks. Less energy is required for cooling and the purity of the air delivered is higher.

Low maintenance

Single-stage rotary vane units provide cleaner, more reliable operation and significantly reduce maintenance requirements due to less wear on parts.

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