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Oil Free Piston Air Compressor

Oil Free Piston Air Compressor

Oil-free compressors guarantee absolutely clean air, eliminating any contaminants, aerosols or oil vapors, for applications that require more than "technically oil-free" air. Naili oil-free piston compressors offer the highest reliability, lower energy consumption, advanced control and silent performance. 

Oil-free cycle compressors

 The compressor has a 16,000-hour service life, ensuring long-term machine reliability. Thanks to its compression technology, high-quality components and oil-free operation, the service life is longer and requires minimal service. Oil-free piston compressors run at 100% duty cycle and non-stop operation, while oil-injected compressors use up to 20% of the running time for cooling.

Oil-free Reciprocating Compressors

With its single bearing motor and load/stop technology, the minimizes energy consumption. Since energy use is the largest cost of running a compressor, this energy efficiency has a significant impact on operating costs. The compressor is ideally suited for sound-sensitive environments requiring noise levels as low as 67 dB(A).

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Oil Free Piston Air Compressor

What is an oil-free compressor?

An oil-free compressor, or oil-free air compressor, is a type of air compressor that does not use oil for lubrication. This type of compressor runs at a lower speed, which makes them quieter and more efficient.  

What is the difference between oiled and oil-free compressors?

Direct piston oil-free compressors differ from oiled compressors because they do not require oil to operate. Oil coated air compressors are ideal for applications that require high pressure and volume. Oil needs to be added to the compressor to allow for higher RPM and to keep the compressor running at high speed. Oil-free air compressors do not require oil and are lighter in weight and portable. These oil-free compressors are ideal for applications where noise and air quality are a concern.

Benefits of Oil-Free Compressor Technology

Oil-free air compressor technology can bring many benefits to a wide range of industries. The following are some of the biggest advantages of choosing an oil-free compressor over other types of compressors, including

Cleaner air

Maintenance free

No pollution

Energy savings


Meets strict regulations

Oil-free compressor applications and industries

The laboratory, medical, electronics, dental, and food and beverage industries benefit greatly from straight piston oil-free air compressors because they are quiet and easy to maintain.

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