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Air Compressor For Medical

Air Compressor For Medical

Nailican manufacture customized solutions for a wide range of compressed air applications. We can customize any medical air compressor to meet all healthcare needs. If you are interested in one of our medical grade air compressors, request a quote today! These compressors are perfect for hospitals, doctors' offices, veterinarians' offices, and more!

Medical Grade Air Compressors

Naili's goal is to meet the high standards required by the medical industry. Our air compressor products provide the air quality needed to keep instruments clean and patients safe. Medical grade air compressors are used to power pneumatic equipment in surgical areas, critical care areas, nurseries, operating rooms, intensive care, post-operative care, emergency rooms and more.

Air Compressor For Medical

Air Compressors for Medical Applications

Our oil-free air compressors are ideally suited for these medical and healthcare applications. Some common applications include:

Autoclaves, sterilization

Patient simulation

Hospital end walls

Medical gas boom

Blood analyzers

Chiropractic and physical therapy beds

Endoscopic Equipment

Ear, Nose & Throat Air/Vacuum Extractors

Vacuuming/sealing/welding of bags/bottles (blood)

Hospital Air Beds/Seats


Pumping bandages (ambulance and physical therapy)

Respiratory equipment, oxygen concentrators, nebulizers

Surgical instruments

Wheelchair tire inflation

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