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Air Compressor For Railway

Air Compressor For Railway

Fully integrated and reliable high quality air solutions for all railroad applications. Lowest energy consumption rates. Designed for harsh environments

Individual solutions for individual needs

We work closely with our customers to develop solutions that fit their specific requirements. Our portfolio includes air generation and treatment units, both oil-free and oil-filled, which can be adapted to various interfaces and train control system concepts. 

Detailed design for maximum reliability

As part of the compressed air source for train braking systems, suspensions, doors and various other devices, safety and reliability are core functions of our machines. We know that our customers need trouble-free train operation and high availability, and that's exactly what we provide.

Technical expertise and innovative solutions

Atlas Copco is one of the world's leading companies in compressed air production, with unrivaled R&D capabilities. We rely on this expertise to validate our compressed air solutions for railroads and to deliver state-of-the-art compressors to the market and to our customers.

Through modeling and simulation, our compressors are optimized for weight and noise. The use of innovative and proven methods and durable components minimizes maintenance costs and ensures the high reliability of our equipment. All compressors are designed for the entire service life of the vehicle.

Air Compressor For Railway

Compressed air is vital for railroad applications

Braking systems: the vast majority of trains in the world are equipped with braking systems that use compressed air to push blocks against the wheels. This ensures that the train can be stopped when needed.

Pneumatic door operation: Train doors must work smoothly, quietly, safely and reliably. Typically, doors operate under extreme conditions and must withstand constant vibration and frequent shocks. Compressed air ensures that doors can be opened and closed properly.

Vehicle suspensions: Rail vehicle suspensions provide proper operating behavior and safety. Compressed air ensures that passengers and cargo travel smoothly on the train.

Advantages at a glance

Cost-effective and maintenance-free

Oil-free technology saves costs for oil, filters and waste oil disposal

Low energy consumption due to motors specially designed for rail transportation

Maintenance-free operation and extended maintenance intervals due to no longer need for oil level checks and oil changes

Low life cycle costs due to low spare parts requirements

Reliable and durable

Long-term operationally tested - even under extreme climatic conditions

Vibration-resistant thanks to innovative technology and powerful motors

Durable due to high-quality materials and low-friction design

No oil vapors affecting downstream systems

Customized & Environmentally Friendly

Demand-driven configuration of compressors and systems through a broad product range and a large number of specialized units

Oil-free compressors protect the environment by saving crude oil and avoiding oil and oil filters as hazardous waste.

Compact and lightweight design due to omission of condensate traps and oil filters.

Noise-reducing vibration dampers and spring elements increase driving comfort

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