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Heatless Air Dryer

The heatless air dryer uses dual drying towers and carefully positioned valves to dry compressed air.

The resulting compressed air is thoroughly dried as it is guided through the dryer's in-line desiccant-filled tower. As the desiccant in this tower absorbs moisture from the air, the desiccant in the dryer's off-line tower is purged of moisture and ready for use.


High Reliability - Proven technology used in thousands of applications and installations worldwide.

Low capital investment- Large range, precisely sized to meet your needs.

High air quality - Includes pre- and post-filters to help you meet stringent air quality requirements.

Energy efficient - Optional high-efficiency energy management system (EMS) provides greater efficiency.

Standard Condition

Working pressure: 0.6-1.0Mpa

Pressure dew point:- 20C ~ -40C

Air inlet temperature:0C ~ 45C

Compressed air consumption:≤14%

Pressure drop:≤0.025Mpa

Absorbent: activated alumina & molecular sieves

Power supply: BX0005- BX0120: 220v/50hz/1ph

BX01 50-BX2000: 380v/50hz/3ph

If need the heatless adsorption air dryer is not in standard,please contact us.


Thin design allows dryers to be placed in areas with less top clearance while minimizing transportation costs

Rear-mounted inlet and outlet manifolds provide easy access to critical valves and components for easier and safer repair and maintenance than competitive designs

Housings for indoor and outdoor applications protect against dirt, dust, moisture and icing

New long-life switching and purge valves for extended service intervals

Enhanced controller provides precise pneumatic valve sequencing; backlit LCD display is easy to read in all lighting conditions

Maintenance reminders alert users to important preventive maintenance intervals to ensure consistent, uninterrupted service

Easy-to-operate control air solenoid valves with push test feature.

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