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  • Sun Series - Most Energy Saving Vane Compressor
  • Sun Series - Most Energy Saving Vane Compressor
  • Sun Series - Most Energy Saving Vane Compressor

Sun Series - Most Energy Saving Vane Compressor


Energy Efficient Air Compressor

Variable Speed Drive Air Compressors Use an intelligent drive system to continually vary the motor speed to meet air demand. The drive controls the speed (RPM) of the unit based on demand, fluctuating to perfectly match the amount of power output required. When demand slows, the compressed air system reduces the motor speed, which reduces power consumption.

Features :

Low speed; 1000rpm has just 1/3 rpm to compare with normal compressors; 

Frequency controller with PM motor to saving more energy;

Low maintaining cost

Automatic flow rate control

Compact compressing unit

Control panel

Energy consumption

Air quality

Straight connection


Fan power


Low Noise level 

Sun Series - Most Energy Saving Vane Compressor


Environmentally friendly: Energy efficient air compressors use the least amount of energy required to compress air, thus reducing energy consumption. 

Cost-effective: The biggest advantage of an energy-efficient air compressor is that it reduces energy costs. This is because you can produce the same amount of compressed air more efficiently while using less energy, thus reducing energy costs.

Maintenance Improvement: Air leaks and inefficient settings are less likely in an energy efficient air system. As a result, your air system will be subjected to less stress, which reduces maintenance requirements and associated costs.

Adjustable Compressor: With simple adjustments, rotary air screw compressors allow you to set your equipment to deliver only the exact amount of air needed for a given application.

Automatic Shutdown - When not in use, the most environmentally friendly and resource efficient compressor switches to shutdown or low energy mode. No energy is consumed when no air is needed. 


Sun Series 

NAILI SUN Series Energy Saving (Low Speed) Rotary Vane Compressor 

Power range from 30kw - 110kw are widely used in all kinds of manufacturing industries such as Metal Fabrication, Power plant,Texitile and so on!