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  • AH Series - Hydraulic Driven Vane Compressor
  • AH Series - Hydraulic Driven Vane Compressor
  • AH Series - Hydraulic Driven Vane Compressor
  • AH Series - Hydraulic Driven Vane Compressor

AH Series - Hydraulic Driven Vane Compressor


Hydraulic Compressor

Hydraulic motor is Optional to be offered and customized!

NAILI hydraulic air compressors are the best choice for customers who is looking for a compact, powerful, and lightweight, 

requested a hydraulic deck-mounted air compressor that can be easier installed at any limit space and operating under any climate.

Air compressors are allowed to be equipped with high efficiency hydraulic motor or without motor(by customized engineering)!

Meanwhile digital unload controls which a better way to extend compressor life under extreme high rotary speed in different working conditions!

Such hydraulically powered rotary vane compressors can produce 25 to 60 CFM and are designed for both continuous or incontinuous operation.

With Naili hydraulic compressors, you can choose the model that best suits your application.


Compact design for the requests of smaller space for air pump in or on the vehicles;

Easier to be controlled;

Easier maintentance;

Working in sort time for bigger air flow needs;

Faster air delivery in out door;


smaller space

Cooler is mounted with compressor directly and one compressor package can go(no needs more space somewhere in the vehicle)! 

Easy To Operate

Connect the hydraulic power resource and go air compressing!

Higher Productivity

Various speed controlled by Hydraulic power(flow rate), more air needs, with higher flow can go! (maximum up to 3000rpm)

Work In Any Climate

Proven to work in any extreme climate, hydrualic system goes and compressed air has!.


Rotary vane compressor It can fixed with Hydraulic driving motor for Agriculture vehicles like tractors for air inflation system; 

Also can connect with Diesel engine to put it in ourdoor plant;

They Widely used in Truck with Caterpillar for blowing air and electrical hand tools!

How do hydraulic Vane compressors work?

A hydraulic compressor uses the hydraulic system of a machine, vehicle or ship as a power source to generate air flow.

The hydraulic oil flow is directed through a pressure line to the hydraulic compressor's integrated hydraulic motor

The hydraulic compressor converts the hydraulic oil flow and pressure into compressed air

The hydraulic oil is led back to the hydraulic tank of the carrier through the return line

The inlet air is compressed between the external and internal threads. The compressor Vane is driven by a hydraulic motor.

The Vane compressor is equipped with an oil heat exchanger, which transfers heat to the hydraulic system of the carrier for cooling.

The hydraulic Vane compressor can operate continuously 24/7. When the compressor is not producing airflow, the compressor will run at idle speed.

Naili Compressor - Hydraulic Compressor


ItemModelAirEnd Parameters

Hydraulic parametersCooling system
AirEnd ModelPressure (bar)Rated F.A.D (m3/min)Rated           Rotary speed(r/min)Maximum F.A.D (m3/min)Maximum Rotary speed(r/min)Rated   Output flow     ≥(l/min)Rated Output pressure           ≥(bar)
1AH3.0LM70D80.3214100.51300010.03200Middle cooler
11AH15LM111D82.7114605.55300061.97200Independent cooler

Note: Please contact with NAILI company if there have any discrepancy bewteen of  actual pressure/flow with parameter above! 

Naili Compressor - Hydraulic Compressor

Naili Compressor - Hydraulic Compressor

Naili Compressor - Hydraulic Compressor

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