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  • PL Series - Refrigerated Air Dryer
  • PL Series - Refrigerated Air Dryer

PL Series - Refrigerated Air Dryer


NAILI PL series plate type Refrigerated dryers


PL Series Working Condition:

Rated ambient temperature: 38 , Max. 42 ;

Rated inlet temperature: 38 , Max. 65 ;

Rated working pressure: 0.7MPa, Max. 1.6Mpa;

Pressure dew point: 2 ~ 10 (Atmospheric dew point: - 23 ~ 17 )

Installation environment: Horizontal installation on site where have No exposure and No dust;

 Advantages for Plate air dryer:

Energy saving • High efficiency • Intelligence • Environmental protection • Stability

 Energy Saving:

-One heat exchanger made by aluminum alloy;

-Less loss of refrigeration capacity;

-Improved the efficiency recycling of cooling capacity;

-Total input power of this model is reduced by 15 ~ 50%.

 High efficiency::

-Integrated heat exchanger + guide fins = heat exchanging evenly;

-The built-in air-water separation device + stainless steel filter= water separation thoroughly.


-Multi monitoring of temperature & pressure;

-Real-time display of dew point;

-Automatic recording of cumulative operation time,

-Additional Compressor protection device.

 Environmental protection:

The coolant of R410a for All models;