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What Is Vane Compressor

Mar. 31, 2021 | 00:00:00

What Is Vane Compressor

The vane compressor, also known as the rotary vane air compressor, uses centrifugal motion to generate compressed air instead of using the reciprocating motion of a piston pump.

Another type of air compressor that uses centrifugal motion is a rotary screw compressor, which uses gears to make air, unlike the vanes used in vane compressor designs.

The concept of vane compressor

In the air tool, compressed air enters the air inlet, which is perpendicular to the smallest compartment of the vane-housing inside the air tool. Compressed air enters the air tool from the high-pressure area, and the air "wants" to move to a relatively low-pressure area, that is, return to the atmospheric pressure outside the air tool. When the air moves from the high-pressure area to the low-pressure area inside the tool, it also moves the vanes, causing the centrifugal movement of the vanes and the rotational movement of the shaft to which the vanes are connected.

It is the compressed air that moves from the high-pressure area in the air tool to the low-pressure exhaust port, rotating the vanes and driving the air tool.

The working principle of the vane compressor is the same as that of many compressed air expansion motors. The vanes are usually made of special cast alloys, and most blade compressors are oil lubricated. The rotor with radial, movable blade-shaped vanes is eccentrically mounted in the stator housing. When it rotates, the vanes are pressed against the stator wall by centrifugal force. When the distance between the rotor and the stator increases, the air is sucked in. The air is trapped in different compressor bags, and the volume decreases with the rotation. When the vane passes the outlet, the air is expelled.

Characteristics of vane compressor

Many vane air compressors do not have the high and low-pressure cut-off settings that regularly stop the motor, but are designed to allow the motor to run continuously. When the pressure in the tank is reached, the motor flywheel, when the motor is unloaded, no longer delivers air into the tank, and the load of the motor is reduced through the unloading process.

The vane compressor can be equipped with an external casing, so the compressor looks like a large metal box. In addition to the cosmetic value, the housing usually provides sound attenuation. This is usually required.

Manufacturers of rotary vane compressors stated that their units are more compact than other types of compressors, but can provide more compressed air output than reciprocating units of the same size.

Rotary vane compressors claim a longer life expectancy in continuous working applications. Please note that some rotary screw air compressor manufacturers have the same statement.

Manufacturers claim that rotating vane units are easier to repair than other types of compressors, and they are ideal for medium-pressure applications.

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