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History and Advantages of Vane Compressors

Mar. 17, 2021 | 00:00:00

    History and Advantages of Vane Compressors

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The vane compressor is also called the rotary vane compressor or the sliding vane compressor.

The vane compressor was invented by Charles Barnes of Canada. He applied for a patent on June 16, 1874.

The vane compressor is one of the most widely used products in the world today. They serve all walks of life.

The vane compressor uses centrifugal motion to generate compressed air.

The vane compressor, also known as the rotary vane air compressor, uses centrifugal motion to generate compressed air instead of using the reciprocating motion of a piston pump.

A compressor consists of a cylindrical rotor eccentrically placed in the casing.

This kind of casing has an air inlet and an air outlet also called an air inlet and an air outlet. The air inlet of the case is larger than the air outlet. There is a drum in the center of the rotor.

This drum rotates eccentrically with respect to the housing. This rotor has several radial slots. Each radial slot is equipped with a blade, which is spring-loaded. These blades are made of steel or synthetic fiber materials. If the compressor is oil-lubricated, there will be a thin layer of oil between the blades and the casing.

The space between adjacent blades forms a pocket with a decreasing volume from a fixed air inlet to a fixed air outlet.

The greater the number of vanes, the smaller the pressure difference between adjacent spaces around the rotor, the less air will leak.

The high-pressure ratio requires a large number of blades (20-30).

    Advantages of vane compressor:

1) It creates a very good suction vacuum.

2) The vane compressor is suitable for continuous air supply.

3) The vane compressor can achieve high-pressure and high-power compression.

4) The vane compressor has a longer life.

5) They are very suitable for medium pressure applications.

Some applications of vane compressors are:

1) Used in agricultural operations, agricultural equipment, material fabrication, transportation, etc.

2) It is used for the operation of the paint pump in the automobile body painting workshop.

3) Used for tire inflation in tires and wheel factories.

4) For dry cleaning.

5) Used for air knife operation, cutting, and peeling.

6) It is used in welding operations and air-operated metal and woodworking tools.

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