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Witness of No oil compressor in Electric truck

Apr. 30, 2021 | 20:07:12

Witness of No oil compressor in Electric truck

What does an Electric truck need? Yes, pure and constant electric power comes from a battery tank, and meanwhile, it needs a reliable compressor to provide constant compressed air for the brake and suspension system!

Oil no! let’s play Oil-free compressor, NAILI TV series Oil-free piston compressor yet to come to Set Your Heart at Rest!

Today we would like to show you one of our project in Tianjin Port which is one of three biggest seaports in China, and all-electric logistic trucks has NAILI Oil-free piston compressor serving for container transit from here to the world! Such compressor is model TV4 with 350L/min compressed air output without oil! And easy installation and maintenance!

This one manufactured in March of 2018, three years already, and still in good condition and IP67 standard to make sure it has been still working under exposure to the outdoor!

Always welcome you to consult any information regards to NAILI oil-free piston technology by sales@nailicomp.com

Thank you for your attention to us! Stay safe.

No oil compressor in Electric truck