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Vane is the "Faith"

Mar. 04, 2022 | 16:13:27

Vane is the "Faith"

To keep NAILI alive in very hardest recent two years, what we and the end users who used Vane compressor believes that 

Vane type is more reliable and durable compressor for industrial manufacturing field!

Here are the photos which Tom took in Leon, Mexico in 2019, what the local partners are quite happy for the quality and after-service since 2015!

In these years, the vane compressors in industrial fields has been growing up slowly about 8% and 15% in 2020 and 2021 since pandemic of Covid-19!

That was accepable and we took more investment into innovation in materials and designs to make the NAILI vane compressor looks more "easygo"!

Welcome to join us and join NAILI's team!

Vane is the "Faith"  

Vane is the "Faith"

Vane is the "Faith"Vane is the "Faith"